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Dream it was born from Francesca's dream , during her work in a goldsmith's shop in the center of Rimini. Francesca dealt with jewelery on a daily basis, she knew many brands and saw people turning to her to find something beautiful and valuable.

At the same time, however, he realized that none of the jewels he had had in his hands until that moment were able to tell and enclose an emotion forever...

From here the first creations dedicated to mums, dads and children were born, which contain all the emotions of one of the most beautiful moments in life to carry with them every day.

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The birth of the first jewel

A story of passion and love

A precious, customizable bracelet that faithfully and exactly reproduces the birth bracelet that the mother is made to wear during childbirth in hospital.


After that awareness, a strong desire was revealed in her: to create something precious capable of rekindling a great emotion every time it is worn.

The idea of ​​replicating the birth bracelet was just the natural consequence of this dream.

Because, after all, what is more powerful and exciting than a jewel capable of forever reminding us of one of the most important moments of our lives?


Let's talk about the bracelet. What once worn we would never want to take off. But it's plastic, the writing tends to fade and we're afraid of losing it. So we put it in a drawer or box, to keep it as one of the most precious memories. But what if we could wear it forever? This is how Francesca's dream took shape. A dream that today has the appearance of a precious jewel, but at the same time it is the exact reproduction of the bracelet that they make us wear in hospital, when we give birth to our children. Nothing similar existed before: the Dream it bracelet is the only one, original and patented.


Every single Dream it jewel is handmade and produced only following the order placed. Production is a very important process because it allows us to create a personalized and unique jewel, in all its specifications. The following can be chosen: the color bath, the font, the finish and obviously all the data that will be engraved on the jewel.
It is when you become a mother that you discover true love, the infinite and eternal one. It's as if the heart expands to contain all the emotions that a child gives and that accompany him throughout his life.

" Words give rise to our emotions, they have the strength to express our feelings, to make the special moments of our lives infinite, they have the power to preserve memories, forever.

The collaboration with Dream It gave me the chance to make all this real: wearing their jewels will be a bit like wearing the emotions that, every day, I try to transform into ink"

Federico Boffa

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