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What is the difference between brass and silver?

Brass is a gold-colored alloy made up of copper and zinc. Based on the mixing ratio, the color changes from golden orange (in the presence of a high amount of copper) to light yellow.
925 silver is also an alloy, but it is precious because it contains 92.5% silver and the remaining 7.5% is copper. Even silver, in contact with the skin, can undergo an oxidation process that tends to darken it without releasing stains. This process can be completely blocked thanks to the use of another precious metal, the most precious in the world: rhodium.
A rhodium-plated 925 silver jewel is an object that does not fear time, oxidation is blocked by a galvanic process called rhodium plating and brilliance is guaranteed.
The choice between two materials depends not only on aesthetics, or on the fact that you want a gold-colored jewel rather than a silver-colored one, but also on the fact that silver is a precious metal while brass is not.

What is the color bath?

The color bath, also called gilding, is a fairly recent type of procedure: plating involves covering these metals with a layer of gold of about 2 microns (i.e. 2 thousandths of a millimeter) that can be applied with different techniques. The most common way to obtain plating is the immersion of the jewel in a tank filled with a solution of ions of the metal to be applied. These ions integrate to the surface, thanks to the action of electric current and the resulting chemical reaction, the phenomenon described is called electrolysis. The gilding can also be made in the classic yellow, pink or white color.

What is galvanization?

After careful degreasing, the precious metal, or the jewel, is covered by a galvanic bath with a thin layer of rhodium, a film invisible to the naked eye, with a thickness ranging from a few microns, from 0.1 to a maximum of 20-25 microns. The rhodium plating of a jewel is a galvanic process as well as the plating of gold. Electricity and a bath with micro rhodium particles are used to coat the jewel with a very fine layer that makes it brighter.

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Are the products Nickel Free?

Our customized products are completely Nickel Free. As for any contradictions in 925 silver not having the presence of nickel, as an alloy it is hypoallergenic. Allergies to brass occur very rarely, but it is not uncommon for a dark green release to occur on the skin in the presence of sweat.

Is the product adjustable?

The Mamma bracelet is not adjustable. The father bracelet and the ring yes.

How to choose the right size?

As for the birth bracelet, the size can be decided on the basis of the circumference of your wrist: S = 16.5, M = 17.5, L = 19
For circumferences under 16cm the s is the right size.

What are the processing times?

Being a fully customized and handmade product, processing times are at least 7/10 working days.

Do you ship to Europe?

We ship to Europe at the price of € 20.00.